add a co-administrator or share access to other user in google webmaster tool

Google Webmaster Tools to Adds User Administration or share access to other user and manage user, permissions


Simple steps to add additional user permission in google webmaster tool:

1> go to google webmaster tool home page,

2> Identify property on which you want to add/share  access

3> click on manage property  -> “add or remove user” (refer below screenshot)

4> enter user google email id and select type of access you want to provide. you have to make sure that the user is associated with google webmaster tool that means the target user first need to login/ subscribe to webmaster tool.

Below are type of access you can give to other user:-

  • Owner Access – Anyone who has verified the site in Webmaster Tools. This enabled them to add users via the user administration, delete sites, and more super controls.
  • Full Access – Granting a user “Full” permission means that they will be able to view all data and take most actions, such as changing site settings or demoting sitelinks.
  • Restricted Access – When a user’s permission is set to “Restricted” they will only have access to view most data, and can take some actions such as using Fetch as Googlebot and configuring message forwarding for their account.
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