Get the new iPhone X for free with this giveaway



Who is sponsoring the win iPhone X free giveaway?

No one. Actually the money is raised from ads on this site. So in other words, we are the one who is sponsoring this giveaway for free. 

How many free iPhone X will be given away?

We would be running this campaign for one year from today . So we are expecting at least 12 iPhones X will be given away in one year which means 1 iphone x per month.We hope that you win iphone x free today.

How do I know that this is not a scam?

We hate scams as much as you do. We have already told you the purpose of us to make this website popular and  earn more money from advertising. If you think that we are scammers then please don’t enter this competition. 


Iphone X config –

Check out iphone X config – Apple iPhone X – Full phone Technical specifications

How can you get Iphone X free

file out below form and  like share our facebook page on your timeline, based facebook reach on share and like we will finalize winner every month.


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