asesome facts about coffee

Awesome facts you never knew about coffee

Coffee is a very popular drink all over the world. It boosts our energy and keep us fit for everyday work. It is a brewed drink and prepared from roasted coffee beans. Roasted beans are ground and after that, it will be brewed with hot boiling water to produce the popular beverage which is known as coffee. In this article, we will talk about the hidden facts that you never knew about coffee.

Let’s discuss some of them

International coffee day

From all over the world coffee is amazingly popular and now it is becoming a popular hot beverage among all kinds of ages. The coffee lovers are damn interested to make some experiment with it. Now the international coffee day is an occasion to celebrate and promote the coffee as a popular hot beverage. It is started from the first October of 2015 and continuing on. The International Coffee Organization (ICO) has launched the first official celebration of ICD with a dedicated website which features more than 70 events. 35 countries in the world are participating in this journey. In the recent year, they will emphasize on the importance of woman across the coffee value chain also to promote their empowerment. Their main goal is to achieve gender equality and larger productivity for sustainable development.

Every year the crazy coffee lovers celebrate this day to make it special. In 2019, Tuesday, October 1 will be the International coffee day.  

Coffee is good for the blood flow

This is certainly an interesting topic. Whether the coffee is good for the blood flow or not? From the study, we got that; coffee may park up the blood vessels due to caffeine. So, it will increase the blood flow which is good for your health. If you are a regular blood pressure patient then the habit of drinking coffee will definitely work for you.  It will bring relaxation and speed into your work.

How much coffee do we drink?

Did you think before that how much coffee do we drink in all over the world? Interesting question huh! In our world, we drink almost 2.5 billion cups of coffee in a single day. This number is huge. Almost every corner in the world you may get a coffee lover. The main reason for its popularity is the unique taste and hot beverage. Do you know how much coffee is taken at breakfast? It is almost 57 percent. The time period is 9.30 am to 11.30 am. That means we like to start our working day by taking a hot and tasty cup of coffee. Let me tell you the story of a famous French Philosopher, Voltaire he takes almost 50 cups of coffee in a single day.

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Coffee could be an Aphrodisiac drink

Sounds interesting to you, right? We know that coffee contains a very high dose of caffeine. This awesome drink is considered as the most renowned socially acceptable stimulants. Let me tell you an interesting truth that coffee will increase the stamina and overall intimate sessions. According to Albertson, coffee drinkers are more sex friendly than non-coffee drinkers. So, you can easily understand that how much effect does coffee have in our personal life? It will boost your energy in various aspects of life.

A lot of farmers depend on the coffee

Coffee is not only a famous hot drink it is also a source of income for thousands of people. Almost 25 million farmers around the world depend on growing coffee for their daily meal. The number will increase every year as the popularity is at the peak. The maximum numbers of farmers are from a poor country. They struggled a lot for their livelihood. Cultivating coffee is an interesting profession and they do it on a regular basis. From the annual report, we got that a semi-professional farm can produce 4000 pounds per acre and a true professional farm can produce 8000 pounds per acre. A very poor country in Africa called Ethiopia earned 866 million USD by exporting 221000 tons of coffee during the recent year.  From the reports of coffee makers the USA, the original coffee in a Grande Starbucks Cappuccino costs 31 cents.

Professional coffee tasters

Coffee tasting is the real-life experience of observing the taste and aromas of brewed coffee. Basically, it is a professional practice but if anyone wants to join the party he can do this. Now if you ask me much do they earn by doing this? It is near about $30000 annually.

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The basic steps are

Smell: The sense of taste is directly influenced by the taster smell

Slurp: When tasting the coffee the professional coffee tasters slurp it

Experience on your tongue:  Think before, where did you experience it before? The coffee taster is responsible for making any comment on that. He will give you the opinion of whether the taste is better than the previous time or not?

Description:  The final task of a professional coffee taster is to write a full overview of that coffee. He will make a comparison with other coffee in the competition. The final score is depending on the coffee taste and presentation. When the coffee taster will declare the winner he will consider all the facts regarding taste, smell and presentation.

Final few words

Coffee is a very attractive beverage and sometimes it is becoming a passion for the extremes.  The crazy people love to make a lot of experiment with coffee sometimes they like to draw different types of art with the coffee. Now a day’s International coffee organization is more active and they like to take some necessary steps to increase the popularity of coffee in all over the world. Day by day we are becoming addicted to this hot beverage and in the upcoming future it will be our part and parcel in daily life. From the above discussion, you already got some idea about the impacts of coffee in our daily life. Thanks a lot for being with us and please let us know your opinion by commenting.   

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