best glass gift idea

Best glass gift ideas

Although the crystal  and glass are used synonymously to make nice gifts, but there are some notable differences in between the two materials. Nowadays, there are 3 types of “glass” that are used in the manufacture of gifts and awards, these are  crystal, glass, and optic crystal. Many manufacturers like to make attractive glass gifts by using glass. It is true that glass gifts are extraordinary than other items in the market. We know that glass is called the least expensive item for making glass gifts. These are made from silica sand. In the market, most of the glass gifts and awards are available in Jade glass and crystal clear glass.  Crystal clear glass is made of a high quality “float” glass. It is clear and closely resembles by various types of crystal.

According  to the report of manufacturers, Jade glass has a great percentage of iron ore which provides it its characteristic bluish-green tint  or green, something is especially apparent when we view the edge of the glass. Both jade glass and crystal are very hard materials, but crystal clear glass is little bit softer. A great difference between the two is price of the raw materials. The price of crystal clear materials are about double the price of jade glass materials.

In the industry, we can also find gifts and awards that are made from optical crystal or lead crystal. Lead crystal has added extra element of lead oxide that can soften the glass and provides its sparkle. On the other hand, During the period of manufacturing process, optical crystal is warmed with a very high temperature and is allowed to cool within a very short time. A process is used to eliminates bubbles and imperfections of it. As a result, it becomes very hard material that is suitable to make a nice glass gift. You can see  great gift ideas on

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