Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

5 Types of Tempered Glass Screen Protectors that you can own

Having a Smartphone In your possession is not a ‘Big’ thing these days but having a big scratch on that phone of yours. We are sure you just can’t allow your iPhone6 or iPhone8’s screens are torn by scratches or your Samsung android phone’s screen develops crack due to sudden drop from your hand.  We all know by now what can protect our dearest Smartphone and that is- Tempered Glass Screen Protector.

Tempered glass screen protector manufacturers around the world are making it sure that you get the perfect tempered glass screen protector irrespective of phone model you are using. So, if you don’t want to lower the resale value of the device when you want to upgrade, it’s better to keep it under protection of Tempered glass screen protectors. In most cases universal tempered glass screen protector is enough to suit your needs.

While choosing your tempered glass you may look below mentioned features that are ruling the market and spoiling everyone with ample of options.

Now is the list you all are waiting for.         

  1. 3D Curved Full Cover Tempered Glass screen protector:

A 3D tempered glass screen generally refers to a larger curved area of the glass (full-screen). It is not only for the glass surface but also for the assembly and electronic display panel.

Moreover, you can always get other advantages such as – anti-fingerprint. Anti-smudge, shatter-proof, excellent clarity and touch sensitivity.

  1. Ultra-clear 0.33mm regular screen protector:Our smartphones are packed with features and one of them is high-resolution display. Clarity in display makes our phone browsing experience joyful. So, this highly transparent tempered glass screen protectors have the ability to provide so a sharp, clear view of the screen. These screen protectors can block UV rays and come with a non-adhesive silicone back which makes it easy to take off and replace.
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  1. Anti-glare screen protector: 

    Our Jobs prevent us from staying indoor all the time. So, now and then we venture outside to perform various activities and our Smartphone tags along. The need of anti-glare tempered glass screen protector arises when people use their phone outside. Those who spend maximum time in the outdoor and need to block the glare from UV rays, this anti-glare tempered glass screen protector is a must have. Anti-glare screen protector not only reduces glare for your LCD screen with a matte finish coating, it also reduces fingerprints which are left on the screen. Moreover, to gain the clarity only little cleaning is necessary because the non-adhesive backing results zero sticky residue. It also means that your screen will remain clean and brand new looking at all times.

A number of companies have developed models which are more costly than others but are a lot more durable, some lasting as much as the lifetime of your LCD.

  1. Privacy screen protector:

These protectors are right for anyone who wants to secure the information from people who have the knack to look over the shoulder and glance at Smartphone’s screen. A privacy screen protector safeguards the content of your Smartphone’s screen from everyone except you. This means, that you can use your phone or tablet everywhere you go without having to worry about people’s bad habit. Interesting feature of this type of tempered glass protection is that it disallows anyone to see the phone screen from sidewise.  Only you can see the screen while viewing it straight on.
The phone will appear black from any other angle,

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These types of tempered glass screen protectors have properties such as – high durability, provide impact protection and scratch resistance, and helps prevent cracked screens. Sometimes you may get more than your expectations

In the wholesale market tempered glass manufactures market there are some companies who offer two-way privacy technology into their privacy tempered glass screen protectors, which darkens the screen at angles greater thus prevents onlookers from viewing the screen of your Smartphone.

5. Mirror screen protector:
This type of tempered glass screen protector actually turns your Smartphone’s screen to an object of style. It can turn your phone into a decent mirror when it’s not in use.  Moreover, it can conceal all the data when not in use and not locked. People won’t see a thing even if you keep it out in the open.

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