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Should I Choose Table with Fixed or Movable Glass Top

In the last few years, the use of glass tables has become quite prevalent; this is because glass coffee tables do not only add beauty to the home; they also make statements about your personality.

Glass Tables

Glass coffee tables are pieces of furniture that comes in different designs, colors, and styles; they are designed to improve the appearance of the home or office space and add convenience to the room. From complementing the look of a room, storage purposes, and display, glass tables serve several purposes, and a modern living room is totally incomplete without a glass coffee table

Different Types of Glass Tables

Although there are different types of glass tables, the most common are the movable and the fixed glass tables. These types of glass tables come in various designs and have unique functionalities; they also make the home look attractive and elegant at all times.

What is the Fixed Glass Table Top? 

These are traditional glass tables that come in simple designs. They are built for intended use, and can never be customized for a different purpose other than what it was designed for.  In addition, fixed glass coffee tables are rigid in design and come as a single set; they are perfect for people with large spaces who want to maintain the beauty of their home.

What are the features of fixed glass table?

  • They are rigid: Fixed glass tables are designed only for a single purpose and they cannot be customized for different uses.
  • Ease of use: These types of glass coffee tables are quite easy to handle; all you need is to pick a position where you want the table to be placed and have it kept there.
  • Affordable: They are affordable and perfect for people who are on a budget this is because fixed glass tables come in simple design except for a few that have a custom made base and a top which are a little bit expensive.
  • Perfect for a spacious environment: Also, fixed glass tables are perfect for people who have spacious homes and wish to enhance their homes with glass tables. They are very useful in large spaces; some of them can even be used as dining tables.
  • Perfect for classy events: These types of glass coffee tables are ideal for classy events; they are stable and perfect for people who want to make their event outstanding.
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What is the Movable Glass Table Top?  

Movable glass tables are the 21st-century invention. They are flexible, versatile, and modern coffee glass tables which come in various shapes and sizes. They are also perfect for people who have small apartments and want to play around with furniture.

What are the features of the movable glass table tops?

  • Perfect for small spaces: These types of glass coffee tables are ideal for people who have small spaces. They can be folded and kept away when not in use, thereby saving you lots of spaces.
  • Versatile: This is the 21st-century inventions; they come in some of the best glass design, which makes them perfect for large and small events. For instance, the nested designs which have two table tops that are fitted together using a movable joint can be used for just a few people and a large crowd. At times, the table can be allowed to slide over each other, making them look shorter. They are also perfect for outdoor and indoor interior designs.
  • Expensive: The movable glass coffee tables are a bit pricey; this is because they come in complex designs, and styles.

Which should I choose?

Choosing a fixed or movable glass table top largely depends on two factors which are

  • Space: If you have ample space which can accommodate a lot of people, you might have to go for the fixed glass table. However, if you have a small space, the movable table top is indeed a space saver for you.
  • Budget: People who are on a tight budget may opt for the fixed glass table tops, which are quite affordable. However, if you have a flexible budget, the movable glass table tops are perfect for you. They come in complex designs, styles, and features.
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Other things to consider when buying a table top for you

Apart from your space and budget, other factors to consider when purchasing a glass table top include:

Shape: What is the shape of your room? If you have a small and narrow room, then you may consider an oval glass coffee tablewhich affords you a lot of space to work in.

Functionality: Another important factor to consider when buying a glass table is functionality. Will the table serve as shelves, drawers, or hold a stash of the magazine? You can opt for a table that can hold at least a plate of snacks with ease.

Finally, glass coffee tables add beauty and elegance to every home. However, whether you choose to opt for a fixed or movable glass table will largely depend on all the factors listed above.

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