Designing a Website

The Complete Guide on Designing a Website

We are living in the internet age; we browse websites whenever we need something. Hopefully, you must do the same thing. Whether you need information about a good coaching centre or you want to know about a reputed cafe, you can get everything on the internet, a hub of information.

The demand of websites has soared since the reliance on the internet has increased. In today’s world, every business needs a website. This paves the way for communication with your users. A website not only informs your users of new products and services but also attracts a large number of visitors across the world. Various companies make websites so that they can make a lucrative business. If you are also looking to design a website for any reason, you need to follow these essential tips:

Create a plan

You cannot start the project as you get the idea. You must have a right plan to ensure that you are going in a right direction. Take a pen and paper and jot down what kind of website you want to run – is it an ecommerce store or just an information blog? Are you going to promote it as a brand or just to earn a few pounds? What features do you want in your website? This is important to know beforehand as each website platform comes with different features. Who is your target audience? What will appeal to them? What will they look for in your website? How can it be different from your competitors? Will you want it professional or a bit casual? What will be the theme of colours? You must have answers to all these questions. You will have to do some research to get an idea from other websites. Note what you liked and implement that in your website.

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Choose the platform

Typical website platforms are WordPress, Magento, Shopify, Wix and Weebly. Since each platform is occupied with different features, do extensive research to find out which platform works best for your project. You can find complete information on their features on the internet. Once you have chosen the platform, you will have to purchase a domain. It is a URL that you will type to open your website. The domain name must represent your business and easy to remember. If you are starting your business and do not have enough money, you can take out guaranteed payday loans from reputed direct lenders like London Loan Bank. These loans come for two-week period. You are supposed to pay back the whole of the debt on your next payday. These are the best loans to finance all your small expenses.

Generate content

The next step is to generate content. It must relate to your goals, target audience, products and services you are offering. Note that the rank of a website depends on the quality of content. You will get huge traffic if you provide top-quality content to the user. It must have complete information without any ambiguous term. You will have to write content for the home page, product and service page, about page, testimonials and contact page.

In home page, you will mention top things on basis of which a user will decide whether to buy your product and service or go somewhere else. Write briefly and in a more compelling way about who you are and what you offer. Try to make the page attractive with visuals. Think of a tagline that describes your business, discuss one or more of your products and services with a link dedicated to that page.

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In product and service page, you will explain in detail about all your offerings. Try to include a video so that users can understand deeply about your services. It helps them understand you in a more engaging way. Use images, but make sure that they are not very heavy. Otherwise, the loading time of the site will be high.

In the about page, you will tell your story: when you started your business, your achievements, and your team. This page tells nothing about your products and services. Your website must have a testimonial page. Every user tries to read them as they want to know how your products have helped other users. Your website must have a contact page in which you will mention your phone number, email address. Also, add an inquiry page that a user can fill in and submit to you.

Make it simple

Your website should not be full of clutter if you do not want a high bounce rate. Make sure that content is organised and easy to understand. No webpage should be superfluous. Use navigation feature so that user can surf your website easily in a couple of minutes. If your website looks very busy, the user will not like to read it and leave it. The colour choice also plays a paramount role to make your website attractive.

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