importance of responsive web design

The importance of responsive web design an how to achieve that


The growth of mobile users in the world shows no sign of stopping; in fact it is believed that it will increase at a faster rate. The use of mobile devices is so common now that people tend to do everything from their mobile devices, whether it is just surfing the internet, online shopping or socializing everything takes place from mobile devices. It is such that Google has focused its attention towards “mobile-first indexing” where the mobile version of your website will become the primary version.

To succeed in this ever-changing scenario of digital age you need your website or eCommerce web portal to be responsive on a mobile device. From web designs, coding, content, and functions on the website must responsive. Launching an eCommerce web portal is not enough and you need to put in the same planning and consideration for the responsiveness of the website, If your website loads for longer than 3 seconds than you are sure to lose some of your potential customers. Whether it is Shopify or Magento web design, it must be responsive.

How to start

Responsiveness of a website starts from planning ahead. You need to align your development goals with your business goals and start your research on mobile traffic patterns and create a device list. This will not only help you move faster on this platform but also be efficient.

You should actually connect the designing and development team together so they can collaborate. With both teams working together they will be able to find long-tailed solution and determine which CMS changes are needed to meet the responsiveness requirement.

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Design the blueprint for your client’s journey

This is another phase in the planning of creating the perfect responsive website for your clients and audience and you cannot hope to do that without the help of clients and audience. There are certain factors you need to be careful of when starting

First, you need to identify how much of the traffic on your website is mobile traffic. It must be known that according to internet retailer almost 70% of the traffic is mobile traffic on the internet. Which means the majority of web traffic on your website is mobile.

It is worth noting also how the users are accessing your website as the specifics of your website matter to your users. What device and browser are popular among your audience. it is important to track this information. so your team of designers and developers can develop and design the screen break points of your mobile version.

Content strategy must be on point

Preparation of content of any mobile website is important but remains a very challenging task ahead. What you must know that your mobile version is not a stripped down version of your desktop version.

Your keyword researching with respect to what your audience is searching for matters and you must prioritize functions and information to organize your mobile view and get your site up for large screens.

How you connect your content with your design is the core of website design implementation and design responsiveness.

Coding and images

There are a few tips for you to increase the load speed of your mobile website. There is an issue with a single codebase that it takes time to load but if you follow these tips then you can tackle this issue.

  • Load priority content first rather than waiting for the whole site to load and then display the content. This way the customer will get engaged with what they want to read and the later content could load later.
  • Reduce latency by coding your site to reduce round trips.
  • Use open web fonts rather than custom.
  • Use third-party accelerators such as CDNs to optimize the performance of your website.
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These are some important tips to increase your website responsiveness on mobile devices. These are simple tips to be followed and they are applicable for almost every eCommerce web portal, whether they are Shopify or Magento web design you can work them all.

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