IVF plan : Pre and Post IVF treatment diet plan

IVF stands for In Vitro Fertility; it is a way of fertilization that is followed by doctors to treat infertility in women. In this process of fertilization the egg from a woman’s body is fertilized outside the body with the male sperm. IVF treatment in Patna was first successfully performed in 1978. Louise Brown was the first successful result that came out from this IVF technique of fertilization.

This process is generally followed by women who have passed their menopause, or has an infertile male partner. Women who are suffering from idiopathic fertility issues can also go for such method to become mother.

A healthy lifestyle is a must for indulging into this IVF plan in Patna. Healthy food habits not only help a person in general but leading a healthy lifestyle sometimes helps out infertile women to get the required amount of nutrients that is required to get a healthy pregnancy.

Let us have a quick look in the IVF diet plan that one needs to follow prior going for this special treatment.

The IVF diet plan pre-IVF treatment:

  1. Before breakfast one needs to consume one glass of warm water. After the completion of 30mins from then the women is advised to grab 5-6 pieces of walnuts and almond.
  2. Protein rich breakfast is very much needed prior going for this treatment. Protein helves in building micro-nutrients in the body, hence protein rich diet is a must for building up muscles and tissues in the body. Around 46 grams of protein is required each day in breakfast.
  3. Apple, pear or banana acts as a mid morning snack in this diet regime. Fruits with high calories should be avoided.
  4. As per the IVF meal plan a lot of leafy and green vegetable is recommended during the lunch time.
  5. Home made smoothies and shakes can be taken as evening snacks.
  6. Dal, chapati, porridge, upma can be taken in dinner. Always add milk in dinner.
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Now let us have a quick look in the IVF meal plan for post IVF treatment:

  1. Morning should be started with a glass full of coconut water and a hand full of soaked nuts.
  2. Breakfast might include foods like porridge. Fruits like orange and apple will also do good.
  3. A bowl of full of vegetables along with two multigrain chapatis is good to go for lunch.
  4. Fruits like apple, orange and avocado will be a good evening snack.
  5. Dinner includes salads, it might be fruit salad of vegetable salad.

These are some of the information one needs to know prior going for IVF plan and also post IVF plan. Hope this might be really helpful.

Source Website: IVF Clinic in Patna

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