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Smart Tips for Women Travelling to India

I had visited India for the first time in January 2017 for 2 months and the first few days traveling in India was quite difficult. I found traveling here really challenging but I still fell in love with India.

I also made several mistakes on that first trip which I learned when I visited again in October 2014.This time, I found traveling to India was much easier because I had began to know and understand more about India and I adapted the culture slowly. This gave me more confidence and assertiveness while I was less shocked now to avoid being in situations where I might not feel safe. You can go through this blog to know how I adapted traveling to India easy and avoid committing these 5 common mistakes travelers make when they visit India for the first time.

The 3rd trip made me feel like I was at my homeland and this time I felt how women could safely travel to India and discover the beautiful places of this country.

Traveling is a great pleasure for females of all age. It becomes more interesting when any foreigner wishes to travel to India and discover the beauty and history of the place. It is important to apply for Indian visa beforehand so that there might not be any problem when you plan to visit India. Let us discuss about some great tips for females how they can make their trip to India memorable.

  • Be assertive and confident – One of the things for women traveling to India or elsewhere is to be assertive and confident. Be ready to stand for yourself and do not feel afraid to speak out. Create a scene when you find someone is cheating, hassling or ‘eve teasing’ so that some comes for your help.
  • Dress in a conservative way – Women who travel to India should be aware that India is a conservative country and they should cover themselves properly. It is important to respect Indian culture and avoid unnecessary attention that will make you feel uncomfortable by covering up.
  • Copy the dress of Indian women – Indian women know very well what they should wear to be dressed in a proper way. If local women wear something, it can be assumed okay but the smartest decision is to carry a dupatta in the bag in case you want to cover up yourself.
  • Avoid wandering or traveling alone during night
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Women who travel to India should be careful while moving or wandering at night alone. When traveling with friends, see you come back together and book a cab through a company so that your journey can be tracked.

  • Do not visit a new place during late hours – Planning your trip beforehand is important so that you do not arrive at a new place late at night. The scams and hassles of trains, bus stations and airports will make you get scammed when you feel tired after your long journey in the new city.
  • Know about cultural differences and how you relate to men – This is not applicable for all Indian men and India is changing so quickly. However, women who are traveling to India should know that the state of mind of many Indian men is possibly different from what you have been used to. You need to be extremely careful before relating to Indian men and trust them till they prove they can really be trusted. Apply for your visa for India to avoid last minute rush and postpone your trip.
  • Be careful who you trust – Though Indians are generous and friendly by nature, you cannot trust everyone blindly. Be on guard to avoid any scams while you travel to India. The best option is not to believe everything what people say and rather, be confident about yourself as well as remain careful whom you trust.
  • Keep faith on your instinct – Though the hassle might be quite annoying, you should not allow scam artists to jade the option of Indian people. If you are open-minded, the most incredible things may happen in India and you will feel amazed by the hospitality of Indian people.
  • Carry mobile phone and get Indian sim card – It is important to carry your phone when traveling to India. You can get an Indian sim card from the service provider and use it in the new place.
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India is a religious country and the people have faith in karma and there is always someone to help you. Most Indian people are amazing, curious, friendly generous and warm hearted. Don’t forget to apply for tourist visa to India and make this trip simply unforgettable. India is still considered to be the amazing travel destination for everyone.

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