Do These Things If Excel Stops Responding

Some users report that when they want to open Microsoft Excel, they just receive a window saying that Microsoft Excel is not responding or Microsoft Excel has stopped working. Actually, this Excel stops responding issue can also happen when they are still editing the Excel file.

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Multiple ways can be used to fix the Excel not responding issue. In this post, we will show users some easy and effective solutions. Users can try them one by one to solve the issue.

Fix 1: Use Safe Mode

Opening Excel in Safe Mode allows the file to run without encountering some certain startup programs. Users can try this way to see whether the Excel file can work normally in Safe Mode.

To do this job, users need to follow these steps:

  1. Press the Win and R buttons to open Run.
  2. Type excel /safe into search box and press Enter.

If Excel can work normally in Safe Mode, users can refer to How to troubleshoot startup problems in Excel to fix Excel stops responding. However, if this issue still persists, they can try the next solution to get rid of Excel not responding.

Fix 2:Update Microsoft Office

If the Microsoft Office users have installed is outdated, they can also encounter the Excel crashing issue. So, users can just go to install the latest Office update on PC.

Usually, this method can effectively get rid of Excel stops responding. But, if users are still bothered by it, they will need to use the third solution.

Fix 3: Check Whether Excel Is Used by Another Process

If the Excel file users are using is also used by another process, they can also encounter the Excel stops responding issue.

Thus, users can go to check whether another process is occupying the target Excel file. If yes, close that process. If no, move to the next method.

Fix 4: Disable Add-ins

The add-ins are normally used to enhance users’ experiences. However, conflicting add-ins may lead to Excel not responding. So, users can first disable all add-ins and then enable them one by one to find out the exact add-in that causes the Excel crashing issue.

Here is a detailed guide:

  1. Open Excel in Safe Mode.
  2. Go to File > Options > Add-ins.
  3. Select COM Add-ins and click Go.

5. Uncheck all the checkboxes and press OK.

Then, users can reboot Excel to see whether the Microsoft Excel is not responding issue disappears. If yes, users can enable the add-ins one by one to find out the conflicting one and disable it forever.

Fix 5: Check the Contents in the Excel File

If the Microsoft Excel is not responding or Microsoft Excel has stopped working issue only happens to the certain Excel file, users can consider whether there are unsupported contents in the file.

These contents include formulas referencing the entire columns, thousands of hidden or 0 height and width objects, excessive styles, invalid defined names, and more. These situations always happen when users copy an Excel file from another person.

Other Situations

If the Excel file is created by a third party, users can also see the Microsoft Excel is not responding error message. In this situation, users can ask the third party for help.

Additionally, users can also perform a clean boot, repair the Office programs, or disable the conflicting anti-virus software to fix Excel not responding. Users can find more solutions in this.

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