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How to Write a Good Introduction for an Assignment

Some people say that introduction should be based on context list, some say it must set a map for whole assignment ad some say it is a guidebook. But whatever it may be called, the core purpose of the introduction remains the same which is conveying the topic and its dynamics that are to be studied in an assignment. But to write a persuasive introduction student have to follow some important tips as discussed below.

Concentrate of answering assignment question

The whole assignment is based on answering the core question and the introduction is the first step of doing it. There is no wonder that in introduction you have to include the background information and set the map for assignment, and you cannot answer the question in this initial part, but you have to answer the question indirectly in theform of writing a thesis statement. Start the introduction with a broader perspective and general information and then narrow it down to specific areas of study relevant to your subject and engage the reader by proposing a very interesting thesis statementwhich must increase reader’s eagerness to read more.

Stay relevant from start to end

As shared initially your introduction must begin with a broader picture and phenomenon which are easily understandable for everyone, and then you have to focus on some specific area. But no matter you are discussing general phenomenon or specific area, you have to be relevant to the topic of assignment and no vague or irrelevant information should be included as it can put the whole assignment’s credibility into doubt.

Add evidence

When emphasizing the importance of the chosen topic of assignment, you can enhance the introduction part’s impact by incorporating some statistical evidences or by quoting the most relevant historical information or examples. For example, if you are writing an assignment about UK’s economic situation before and after Brexit, then you can add statistics to compare the GDP, Inflation rate, Income, Employment rate etc. so that reader can easily judge the credibility of your argument. Or if your topic is from a sophisticated field like nursing then you can add case study example or nursing statistics briefly to enhance the dependability of results.

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Write the introduction at end

A common mistake which declines the quality of introduction is that students often write the introduction in the beginning when they do not have enoughinformation about the topic. Most of the times, even very critically and effectively written main body of assignmentsare ignored as the introduction fails to impress the reader and declines the interest to read the rest of the part carefully. It is a myth that introduction must eb written first, which should be understood by students by now because without having sufficient knowledge of the topic one cannotproduce an effective introduction. The best approach for writing the introduction is to prepare a draft but do not finalize it. After writing man body and even conclusion, one should definitely amend the introduction by adding new contentand focusing on main arguments At the end of the assignment, students develop the capability to write about the topic more confidently and more clearly as they are more aware of the topic by them and hence, that is the best time to finalize the introduction.

Get assignment help on time

If your schedule is vey tight and you think you will not be able to write a perfect introduction but youhave to submit it within few days, then instead of wasting time you must get the assistance from expert writers. Seeking assignment help UK is nothing to be afraid of especially when there are highly reputable service providers are operating in UK like Assignments Planet.  By getting you introduction part done by this service provide you can surely meet the deadline as they can handle the shortest of deadlines without compromising the quality.

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Be creative

The assignment topic assigned to most of the graduate and post graduatestudents are often already studied by many other studentsand ample research is available on the web wherestudents are getting access to scholarly arguments and work done on same task by other students as well. Even if you have such access to assignment solution, do not try to copy or rephrase the data as UK’s institution are using highly sophisticated software to check plagiarism and it isconsidered as an academic misconduct. So, try to be innovative and creativeto focus of those areaswhich have not been studied comprehensively yet. By adopting this approach, you can easily capture the attention of reader and get good grades as compared to those sticking to the older concepts and already studied areas.

Know your audience

No matter whatever your topic is, your assignment needs to audience centric. Always consider what you want the reader to learn, feel and perceive from your assignment so that positive impact could be maximized.

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